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27 Aug

If I could see the stars from the beginning of time, I would truly know where I have come from.

We are all part of this great universe together we are on one journey, the journey of discovery of the true self; ultimately we are all one, each of us on our own journey to discover this. To find our way back to love or to find our way home, we are living in amazing times watching the 3d earth change so rapidly.

Recently for many of us this has been difficult to keep focus on, doubt and fear has come back in to our minds. Right now we are all struggling, the fear we thought we dealt with many times before has come back, everything we see in our day to day life is slipping out of our reality, leaving us wondering what is this all about? Why do we have to struggle to make ends meet? Why is living becoming harder?

One big part of all this is money, it is being put out of most peoples reaches. Money creates blockages in our mind to stop us from connecting directly to our source as it is providing us with worry of how we are going to pay bills put food on the table, etc, etc.

The 3d game is all about making it as hard and time consuming for us to make money. They have created the rat race, the taxes, the petrol price increases, the traffic jams, the rise in cost of food and less welfare payments so people have no choice but do a job that stagnates their energy hence making them a zombie of the 3d world. Money will soon become non-existent! We need to start working together and sharing and finding new ways of exchange and in doing so we are supporting one other. Help someone everyday if you can and you will see gratitude builds our love and our vibration levels will rise. Be grateful for all you have and allow others to help, never be afraid to ask for help, keep open-minded and see yourself with all that you need. Banish lack from your mind and create an abundance of all you need in every thought you have.

Why should we be forced into a job that takes over most of our life, we do not get enough time to stop and take in nature or appreciate the birds singing in the sky, the 3d system does not want us to remember who we are. Right now the key to helping our selves lies in remembering who we are, we need to connect in with all the wonderful beings of the universe, if you look to the north and look straight up you might just see something change in your dimension, but are we too busy to notice? Very often we see orbs, theses delightful beings have come to be part of this change helping provide light energy to bring love to our surroundings everywhere we look. A constant reminder that this is all a dream and we can change it when ever we want, do not allow anything external to destroy the peace you have inside. Remind yourself when things are tough you are a being of light and love.

Remember to breathe slowly, and think of something that makes you smile it is important to laugh and not take life too seriously. Remember it is all a dream and if you are in a situation you do not like change it!!!!

Hold onto the love in your hearts and feel your vibration glow, we are the change and we must continue to be loving, when the darker side comes up to play allow it feel it and let it go. WE can balance just keep smiling as much as you can, support each other and send loving vibrations out as often as you can.

We are changing the world we live in! Sending loving healing vibrations of light and love to all your wonderful beings,

We are Love!


The Alchemist

15 Aug

The Alchemist

Transformation of You

Yesterday I spoke with a group about transforming all the fear hate and war in the world into Peace Love and Happiness, I have been on a mission of love for quite some time now

How happy would you be if you could transform everything in your life to what you think you need?

Thinking transforms us into what we think, so if we think bad things then we keep seeing them, I have been doing a test on myself in the last few months to see how my feelings have an affect on my life, the results are amazing.

The answer to pure blissful living  is living in the moment, being grateful for everything , giving thanks and in doing this I find more love and abundance naturally comes into my life.

WE can do it. Right now more then ever the energy around us is changing who we are.  All it takes to change everything in your life is to change your point of view.

The inner self sees magic all around

Knowing simply how to create bliss

The Human self can feel magic all around

But simple doubts close the human mind

Alchemy is getting easier with each moment that passes

WE are guided by the love from our inner self

It grows stronger every moment of day

WE are transforming anger fear and hate to

Love Peace and Happiness

Living peacefully in blissful love

Try Living in the moment for just one day!

Once you begin, each time you feel your mind drifting to the future or past you must bring yourself back to this moment. You might find having candles lighting helps keep a focus and eventually you are flowing, your heart centre grows and you feel what is the inner self guidance coming from within your being.

Blissful living, loving happiness, embrace the love you have inside and live in the Moment ❤

Guide to Protecting Body Energy

10 Aug

Create a personal routine for keeping the body clear of all unwanted energy

Some people are already doing a good job of keeping body energy clear but with rapid changing energies these days reminders are always good. I wrote this last year and I find myself taking my own advice now 🙂

The reason I am posting it is there is a growing amount of people who do need to know how to do this as the energies of each day begin to get stronger our bodies are affected by a huge intake of new light and information so it is good practice to meditate at least twice a day but also to start keeping a record of those experiences as I feel I am getting more guidance during meditation time than any other time.

Keep a daily Grid at the start, Draw an outline of yourself and surround it with light and mark out the charkas just with numbers 1-7, colours and a massive circle of light. Then you must look at yourself (close your eyes and visualise your body) from above behind in front, this is very important and check the back of your neck and inside your head for unwanted attachments. Keep yourself protected always by the massive circle of light. Simply close your eyes and say I am the light , I am loved healed protected and surrounded by love and light. I cut the ties with all who try to bind me. I am a being of love and light.


For protection you could get 7 different crystals or 1 big crystal bracelet, necklace or ring and charge them under the full moon to work on your body energy to keep you clear. (If you would like more information about crystals and how to charge them for your self please email me )

The most important thing about transformation is transforming your self, this is a constant reminder for us all even some of us who have been doing this a long time need reminding.

Movement of old thought forms – this is a constant daily reminder for each of us.


We must not judge anything, this is the hardest thing for a lot people as we are taught from early age to be a certain way or think a certain thing. We must live in compassion for ourselves and others. What ever you have learned in the past and made decisions one way or another then this must be let go of. There is always going to be things we naturally are predisposed one way or another but if we remind ourselves not to judge and have compassion we rise above the illusion that has been so firmly put in place by the few dark energies that try to control the world. I normally suggest that people raising their vibrations read a few simple books at this stage and one of the best reads for me is the art of happiness by the Dali Lama and Harold Cutler. But just a reminder each time you place a thought towards thinking one way or another. I find breathing deeply or meditating quite useful as this helps me keep calm the deeper I breathe and the more I feel centred the happier I am naturally. It takes practice and constant reminder but if you surround your self with love everyday it will come naturally in time.


Happy healing , love light and peace to you all and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at


Love and light


Flowing and Glowing

8 Aug

The last few months have brought much change to the Great Mama Earth and with that  we also have had big changes in our lives,  some of us have been through some radical changes on many different levels.

Most of us have been faced with the daily realities of the 3d world consumming our minds with disbelief and fear of what the news brings us each day. Please do not allow this to take over your mind, everything is meant to fall so the new Earth can be reborn. We are the change and We are love.

Many people and animals have been sending many vibrations of love to many parts of the world that are suffering and in need of healing. As awful as some of these events maybe it is all part of the changes needed and we are exactly where we should be. I am very grateful for the love I feel and the help i receive from my guides and angels, we all have a connection to guides and angels, we are loved so very much on many levels.

Today and everyday let us get together for 5 mins and just be love just sit with yourself, play some nice music, light a candle, burn some incense and close your eyes and send healing love vibrations for as long as you can and for as much as you can!  This vibration is so important and it helps all of humanity and it is great for your own well being.

Have you noticed how the lines of reality have changed?  We Can No longer  live with fear in our lives. The 3D is trying hard to keep us in Fear with horrible images on our TV and chemtrails in the skies, fluoride in the water, HAARP, taxes rising, fuel costs rising, food costs rising. Know deep inside you are loved and provided for do not allow the fears to take over you life. You are an amazing being of light and love.

Time has become so fast in the blink of an eye we can go from Monday to Sunday.

Have you also noticed how many areas of you life which you thought would remain the same have changed and changed rapidly?

Ascension symptoms and the darker side of ourselves have come up for balance , so many ignore this side and it is something we must look at honestly and find balance for.

For anyone who is struggling with this please look at this:

Akashic records are continuing to be cleared and it is important now to look at this area in order to let go of any thing from your past or past lives that may be holding you back, this is a section which is covered beautifully on the Spirit Library:

I urge you all to be gentle with yourselves and look after your mind, as thoughts come in let the flow and let it go, support eachother as much as you can and do nice things; like take a long soak in the bathe eat a nice meal and spend time with your loved ones.

Sending healing loving vibrations to you all, Remember we are all beings  of LOVE

Love Liz xxxxxx

Angels of the Sea

7 Aug

Angels of the Sea

Angels of the sea forever you have guided me

I live each day sending vibrations of love to all who are near me

You are forever with me

The sound my heart makes, with each breath I take

you are here with me guiding me, loving me,

showing me how to love unconditionally

I follow my heart into the ocean and join my beautiful brothers and sisters of the sea

You love like no other and hold the heart of the ocean in perfect rhythm

My teachers my guides, Oh my sweet angels of the sea, your love shows me how love

should be, in every breath we take our hearts should flow with love just like the

beautiful angels of the sea


Twin Flame

6 Aug

Come with me to the sea, swim with me and feel how happy you can be,
I feel like a dolphin singing in the sea, sending vibrations of love to you and me

My heart beats louder when you are close to me, the sun shines brighter in the sky
and waves on the sea sing to me a sweet song that lifts me over the ocean ,
for your love is like no other my dear , you are my heart beat , my twin flame, my lover, my best friend, I love you

Kundalini Rising The Divine Creation

6 Aug

Kundalini Rising

The Divine Creation

We are all spiralling energy interconnecting with the cosmos, we are one.

3 and half times serpent coiled around the spine, coiling our very core, energy rising, sleeping energy awakened by the light consciousness.

Without this awakening the serpent lies dormant, the body never fully realising its full potential.

Root Chakra

In our Root we feel the awakening of the serpent energy charging our core with the passion of fire, uncoiling and unravelling up through us bringing our light bodies to life connecting with the higher dimensions.

Sacral Chakra

Our Sacral energy harmonising with our spirit inside our higher being, in breath and stillness we feel the energy rise in our blood , the balance between the dark and light, attracting the life force within, two beings connecting , desire, pleasure, emotion and creation.

Solar Plexus

Our Solar plexus strengthen our being with cosmic energy, awakening our power within, protecting and  connecting the higher being to the body we encompass, balancing the power within , dissolving  ego and staying in our power.

Heart chakra

Our Heart is our divine spirit of cosmic energy bringing love into our body and sending loving vibrations rippling as the serpent of light travels through us, it is the heart which channels the higher self, every depth of feeling, dissolving ego, uniting the dark and light, sharing the love we feel with the energy that surrounds us.

Throat Chakra

Our Voice speaks our truth, the voice speaks what the heart feels, the core vibration awakened, sound of our breath rising into the cosmos, vibrations rippling through all of time, singing opening our energy to the song of living, flowing in waves of vibration, taking us to the universal knowledge.

3rd Eye

Our All Seeing Eye is showing us our light path, kundalini flowing , guiding us into the higher dimensions showing us the beauty of our higher being,  our consciousness shows us  the higherself connecting us with the cosmic energy . Deeply connected to the light within, focused ,  thoughts go and we see the delicate visions of the all seeing eye, we  follow the patterns, our guidance comes with our stillness . Our light world realised.

Crown Chakra

Our Crown exploding into the cosmos rippling vibrations, kudalini fully flowing forever connects us with the great cosmic energy that surrounds our bodies, we become our higher self and rising into the cosmos, travelling to the cosmic heart, exploding with love. We are awake, fully aware and understanding our infinite being. Finally connecting with the higher being, the cosmic mother, brings you on the journey to the whole universe, spiraling energy, Divine Mother of creation.

Journey Back through the cosmic awareness ,we have seen all of the universe, we have sung our truth, we have joined our hearts in one love, we have burned through the balance of dark and light, danced through the pleasures of duality, and found our way home to mother Gaia.

All our being interconnected, awakened and flowing through the cosmos, from base through to crown we have awakened the energy of the Kundalini. WE are awakened to the energy of the serpent of light.

This is who we truly are, we are the Kundalini rising, energetic beings of consciousness love light, rippling waves through the universal oneness. We are one

Liz O’Connell