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Shuffling through the shift

18 May


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So Far 2012 has certainly been eventful for so many of us!!!

What I have discovered personally this year is that the only way to get through it is to accept and surrender to it. Flow with your energy

List of some of the physical symptoms : partial deafness, ear fullness and ringing in the ears, sinus problems, headaches,dizziness, back aches, lack of ability to do anything, not sleeping, sleeping too much. Being very hungry or forgetting to eat. Lack of b vitamins in blood.

It does not seem to matter what you do to help yourself if you are experiencing the shift you are experiencing some crazy symptoms.

The channeling have been very quiet and anything I read does make some sense to me. I take from them what I need.

I only believe something if it feels real inside.

I have started to knit to help my brain but at times the pressure is so intense I am unable to do much except lay down and give in to it.

Over the last week I have been unable to do anything for very long and sleep has not been sleep more like dreams/nightmares/interdimenstional travelling. Waking out of them feeling sore and still tired.

My guides who are still with me tell me it is all as it should be we are in the storm now and we are all getting through it, we just have to sit tight and allow it all in.

We have a solar eclipse May 20 followed by a partial lunar eclipse June 4. During this time and weeks leading up to it, the world is be affected financially, all the news is exactly that , that is if you bother listening to main stream media, but it is all over the social networks too.

Some of us feel so down and tired we are wondering what it is all about but I am told that it is all part of the shift or as I like to call it “shuffling through the shift”.

Conspiracies and the energy healing world:

Where do I begin there are so many and I am finding proof but I encourage you all to do your own research and  one full sure way of knowing something is right is your inner self test, if something does not feel right , you are probably right. There will be some who are more paranoid about certain things but I feel people who are very untrusting have some inner work to do to bring balance to their energy. Even still I would always trust my intuition. There is self test with muscle testing :, some find this a more reliable way of testing for truth or answers yes or no.

I find the best thing to do is to flow to where it feels right for you and follow your own energy not someone elses.


Drinking good water (filtered is best) you can filter and bless your own water with quartz or with music, I use the solfeggio tones but any good vibrational music works:

Eat a healthy diet: I am not a vegetarian but including lots of veg and foods rich in B vitimans, eating oily fish, taking good supplements with good oils in them can be used if you cannot eat  fish. I am eating more oily fish lately as my bones are so sore.

Alkaline your diet: you can download a free food list.

The sun: I check spaceweather daily to see how active the sun spots are and if they are any CME’s (this is when the sun spot bursts and the energy can sometimes be earth directed, this is what causes the Northern Lights). I do find when the sun is very active it can have a huge affect on me. The Carlini Institute is doing a study of how it is affecting us you can find them at:


Our animals have always helped us but now more than ever we need to help them too , they are being affected by the energies of the moment and it is always good to keep your animals energy clear, it will make your home more balanced too, I like this website on what to do to help clear the energy of pets:


More of us are finding working too difficult and are loosing jobs or just incapable of working in horrible working atmospheres. We find dealing with people a challenge and it affects our day to day life.I find using vibrational essences and wearing aura protecting jewllery to be helpful. This website has so many essences to help you, your pets, your family the energy in your house, you will find something to help you here:


Protect your home energy with Orgonite: Here is a brief history of orgonite:

I use orgonite around the electromagnetic areas of the home (TV and computer).

I also have many pieces of quartz and other blessed objects protecting my home and garden.

I encourage the birds into my garden with bird feeders, I find this wonderfully stimulating especially on days when physical pain is high.

There are some wonderful ways of helping yourself I find also soaking in a sea salt bath with some aromatherapy essences great, it helps my body and mind and I can meditate while i soak ;-))

We are in the eye of the storm at the moment and any of us are tired and fed up with the way things are, try to support your fellow shifters, lightworkers, what ever you like to be known by ;-))))

I go to the sea and watch the waves flow, this brings me great calmness.

Be kind to yourself, try not to let your mind bully your body.

Do something nice for yourself today ;-))))

Sending much love and many blessings