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Returning to the old ways

6 Nov


So little we remember of the old ways

So why should we return?

If you find yourself staying stuck in your life where do you go for the answers?

If our ancestors could talk they would say follow the ley lines

Does this riddle excite you?

Are you curious about it even a little?


Does the future entice you?

do our world leaders give you hope?

If the answer is yes then you are living in a world which you allow the external control you!

Look within ask how do i feel?

Have a conversation with the oldest person you know

Ask them about their life when they were young, ask them if they remember asking their grandparents what it was life like for them, our history holds the answers to our questions.

Does it make you wonder how our ancient ancestors created what they did? Newgrange, Stonehenge, the Pyramids, do you really believe what the history books tell you?

Our consciousness is capable of so much once we acknowledge our inner power

Help all conscious awareness today bring peace and love to your life protect your loved ones futures, protect the world we live in do unto others as you would have done on to yourself

War is never the answer

Open your mind, turn off your TV, connect with other like minded and help raise the love vibration in the world today.

We no longer need to be dominated or living in fear, bank led government ways need to end!

We need to live as a community again

WE can be one conscious awareness living together in harmony

We are Love

We are one



Ancestral Awakening

3 Nov

Travelling to the ancestral sites in Ireland

Connecting with the ancestral energy

Remembering who we are

We are all connected

Vibrating spirals of pure love

living a lifetime

as humans

trying to find our way back to connecting as ONE

We are all ONE Vibrating Loving Spirals of light and love


Green Man

3 Nov

Oh on the nights after Samhain I feel the air changes and the smell of trees loosing their leaves, I feel the Green Man among us whispering snippets of how to love the land, speak up so I can hear you sing my beloved one