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Festival of Imbolc and Brigid 2013

29 Jan


Blessing Of Imbolc and Brigid February 1/2 2013

Imbolc and Bridgids festival mark the beginning of spring and is half way between the winter solstice and Spring Equinox.

It gives us in the northern hemisphere some much needed extra time to our daylight.

Personally I feel Brigid is a symbol of feminine in all stages of life. I associate her with Maiden, Mother, Crone, the seasons of feminine life.

On the evening of the 1st of February we will preform a fire festival which includes the tradition of burning of the yule log.

It also is about putting to bed all the cobwebs and winter blues, hard feelings letting go of the past and burning away all the fears you have had in the past.

We plant the seeds of intention for our coming year.

There are many sacred animals associated with Brigid :

Cat  “On Brighid’s Day the cats will bring home the brushwood”. Brighid is linked to a cat in Irish folktale.
Sheep, the ewes milk is a symbol of birth.
A white swan, is a symbol of fire and water, possessing magical healing abilities.

Horses, wolves, many birds and woodland creatures, Brigid is associated with many animals as she is looked upon as the nature goddess who with the help of the plants and animals brings healing to all who are in need.

Blessings to one and all and may you be blessed with love in your heart and peace in your mind.


Waking in the Age of Aquarius

16 Jan

2013 is the year of the black Snake begins on February 10th shortly after the New moon in Aquarius, the humanitarian of the zodiac.

Today I try to make sense of where I am in this 3d World, What the Age of Aquarius means for us. It is something that I have pondered on for long time. I see so much in the external world that is of lower vibration and my natural instincts are to help but my mind tells me I cannot help everyone.

Below a picture I took at my local beach last winter. I find it comforts me on rainy days when the vibrations around me seem so confused.

I have talked to so many people who are at the same point I am and we all know we are helping birth this new energy by spreading loving vibrations whenever we can. It is a learning process.

New old knowledge is remembered and some people are remembering things from past lives are seeing holes in dimensions and seeing other versions of world.

Our bodies feel sore, our minds are sometimes so clear we forget everything lol.

Sometimes it is frustrating other times it is ok, it is like riding a wave and not being sure if you are going to land in the sea or land on a rock.

Our inner world is changing so much , how we feel and forgotten memories , dreams such amazing dreams, things that feel so real like memories from our day and other memories combining and creating a new dimension , it is scary, beautiful dark and light bungled up full of contradictions. I feel like it is part of what we are here to do to bring all the crazy energy into inner balance.

I find myself pondering what the 10th of February will bring?

I feel the feminine power coming gently but powerfully and getting excited thinking how women will change this world.

Peace, love happiness and balance to one and all<3